Invest smarter with the most accurateReal-time Predictive
modeling Platform

360 degree view, analysis and forecast of your portfolio investments and new deals is the best way to make the right decisions.

Built by a team of leading world-class data scientists,
financial experts and developers utilizing cutting edge AI and machine learning to provide multidimensional continuous and automated analysis along with due-diligence of privately held tech companies.

Analyze past performance, get alerted to risk, and gain insight into how the future will unfold so you can detect and capture opportunities.

Data Integration

Liquidity Dynamics brings your portfolio to life through algorithmic
analysis & forecasting.

Machine learning optimization

We utilize proprietary and machine learning models to constantly optimize risk and opportunity management parameters.

BI & Workflow

We deploy BI & workflow tools to enable a highly scalable
and intelligent business processes to efficiently serve
our customers.

Revenue & cash flow prediction

Utilizing carefully verified historical data sets
and industry recognized predictive methodologies we assess both opportunities
and risks to serve
our customers.

Credit Scoring

Established growth trajectories and product
performance measures are leveraged to
augment traditional credit risk models.

Monitoring & Control

Continuous forecasting and tracking mechanisms are deployed throughout the engagement, utilizing auto calculated parameters and indices.

Don’t let any good opportunity pass by unnoticed.
Don’t let any risk appear out of the blue.